As we traveled near and far for our own organic products, we longed for a natural products store and natural health center for Southern Ocean County.

         ...and we decided to do it.

         As plans for the store began to take shape, we knew we needed a name that would bring life to our vision. The name not only needed to point to the Earth and the natural products that she provides, but also had to symbolize togetherness and our ideals of community.

         In the earliest days of the Earth, prior to the Triassic Period, it is believed that the seven continents were melded together in one huge supercontinent. No geographic barrier separated the continents,
and all living things lived as one. This enormous land mass was called "Pangaea."

         As the concept for our store began to take shape and we excitedly planned to bring our ideas to life, , the name came to us. Pangaea: "when the world was one."
We are all part of the Earth and together we must cherish what the Earth has given us, cherish our community, and cherish ourselves.
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